Introduction – Frustration is a common emotional response that is related to disappointment, anger, and annoyance. It arises when individuals do not achieve their goal with dissatisfaction, anger, and irritation. Several persons experience frustration for a short period but some people feel it for the long term. When frustration occurs for a long time, then it may convert into a severe depression or that may be harmful to physical and mental health.

Frustration Tolerance and Its Role in Anger Arousal | Psychology Today

Frustration is the feeling of anger or irritability due to the inability to achieve the goal. When you are not getting a good job with an unsatisfied salary or facing any issue that may be avoided by your family members or friends then severe frustration occurs especially in youths. This type of negative emotion also occurs when your friend or family members are getting a good job or better status than you. If you like any boy or girl and that person loves another individual due to high status then frustration occurs. If you did not get good marks in any board exams or were not selected in any competitive exams then this type of negative emotion arises. Frustration also causes loneliness due to aggressive or violent behavior with people and that person is avoided by their loved ones.

There are some other cases that cause frustration are given below –

  • Not achieving a goal
  • Stress in official work
  • Try to solve an issue but not find a solution
  • Not achieving the good status in the society

When you will continuously fail in achieving a goal in the upcoming days then experience severe frustration and causes other several negative emotions that affect your mental health are given below –

At present, unemployment is the main cause of frustration among young people. Due to unemployment, family members, friends, and society avoided you which causes frustration. If you will not get married at right time due to not getting a job then frustration occurs. When you marry an elder age with a not suitable partner due to unemployment then frustration arises, especially in youths.


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  1. NiyathyDios says:

    Root cause of frustration is unrealistic expectations. Root cause expectation is unsatisfactory with the self. The cure is to choose to give love unconditionally and choose happiness with self acceptance. When there is self acceptance, there is self respect and no space to frustration.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Yes u rite, thanks for visiting my website and reading my post

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