Introduction – Sadness is an emotional pain that is related with helplessness, unsuccessful in life, disappointment, grief, disinterest, loneliness, death of loved one, hopelessness, and sorrow. This type of emotion feels by any people from time to time that dependent on their situations. In some cases, people can feel severe sadness for a long time, which can convert into depression. The expression of sadness in several ways such as quietness, crying, loneliness, and dampened the mood. The severity of sadness may depend on the behavior, expectations, avoidance from people including family members and friends, and financial problem.

The liberating power of your sadness — Tantrik Studies

Now, most of the people including family members are very selfish in their life. If any individuals are in emergency conditions, then no one help and cause loneliness that may be responsible for severe sadness and may convert into depression. The death of any loved one can also cause severe sadness and no interest in any celebrations or gatherings. If any person is failed in getting a job or is unemployed and also avoidance by close friends and family members then can cause sadness. Sadness is also caused by emotionally hurt by any close friend or family member. If any friend or family member misbehaves you are emotionally hurt and may cause sadness.

When you are happy and in good condition then most of the people including friends and family members will take care of you. But you are suffering in emergency conditions including financial problems, and any help then no one care and avoid you. At present, brothers and sisters are also did not care if you face any problem. That’s why I think that every person in the world is alone.

My experience – In the past, I am also suffering from severe sadness in our life. When I got a job with a good salary then everyone cares about me by calling, messaging, and online chatting. I am very happy with my job and care for my family or friends. But when I lost a job and was unemployed for a long time then no one called, messaging and caring for me. I felt very sad loneliness and was supported only by my parents and the rest of the family members are avoided me. No one invited me to any parties, celebrations, or any marriage gatherings. Firstly, I did not understand anything about the avoidance, but later I realized that I am unemployed so the behavior of family members and friends avoided me. I can’t believe that there are those close people including close friends and family members who leave at the time of problems so I felt very sad and shocked.

Sadness. You don't know why. You can't explain… | by Christopher Pierznik |  The Passion of Christopher Pierznik | Medium

 So, I have an interest in writing and worked as a freelance writer on several projects that lower the feelings of sadness. Now I have lost faith in relatives and friends after suffering this situation. After avoidance my family members and close friends then I decided that I will solve my own problems and not take any help from relatives and friends. From this experience of life, I felt that every person is alone in the world.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Draw strength from yourself!

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Most welcome, thanks for appreciation and my post 😊

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