Introduction – Emotions are depended on feelings, thoughts, moods, and behavioral responses. If any good news, then we are happy and bad news so we are sad mood. So, emotions are depended on the situations of life. If you are successful in everything with better luck then happy with your life but failed in fighting challenges so you are sad.

The 6 Types of Basic Emotions | Psyche

Some of the people are very emotional in a small thing such as if any best friend or family members did not wish on birthday then we are emotionally hurt. If you worked hard but failed to achieve a good job then it may affect your life with emotionally hurt and may increase the risk of getting depressed. Depression is the dangerous level of emotions that may be responsible for suicides. If family members including parents and best friends moral support depressed people then it may prevent the risk of suicides

Types of emotions – There are several types of emotions that are based on the situations of life are discussed below –

  • Sadness – Sadness is defined as a transient emotional state that is characterized by feelings of hopelessness, dampened mood, loneliness, disappointment, grief, and disinterest. This type of emotion feels by people from time to time. In several cases, people may feel severe sadness for a long period that can convert into depression. The expression of sadness in several ways such as quietness, crying, loneliness, and dampened mood. Sadness may depend on the behavior, expectations, avoidance from people including family members and friends, and financial problem.
  • Anger – It is one of the powerful emotions that is characterized by a feeling of frustration, hostility, agitation, and antagonism towards others. Anger can be a negative emotion and may sometimes be a good thing. It can be positive to clarify needs in a relationship and oppose the wrong things in the society. Anger can be a problem or negative emotion and expressed in ways, which are dangerous or harmful to others. Uncontrolled anger may quickly that turn to aggression violence or abuse. It can be both physical and mental consequences that also affect the health of a person. This type of emotion is also linked with alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Fear – Fear is also an important emotion, which can also play a significant role in survival. If you face some sort of danger and feel fear about the threat of life. When fear occurs, your respiration and heart rate increase and your mind become more alert from any danger. This type of emotion may help in ensuring that you can be prepared to deal with any dangerous situation. It is an emotional response due to an immediate threat. Some individuals also fear about their examination or interview results about their career.
  • Happiness – Happiness is a pleasant emotional state and is characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, well-being, gratification, and contentment. Happiness is a positive emotion and occurs by achieving a good result in any competition or getting a job in the best company and so on. This type of emotion promoted motivation for any work, increase confidence among people and is also beneficial for physical and mental health.
  • Surprise – Surprise is one of the emotions that is characterized by physiological shock response when something is unexpected that can be neutral, positive, or negative.

Other types of emotions – There are several other types of emotions that can be later identified are discussed below –

  • Embarrassment
  • Guilt
  • Amusement
  • Contentment
  • Relief
  • Satisfaction
  • Shame

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