Wiladat of Hazrat Abbas Mubarak (Shaban 4)

Shaban Mubarak 2023

Shaban is the 8th month of the Islamic calendar before the month of Ramadan. Most of the Muslims start preparing for fasting in the month of Shaban.

1 Rajab Mubarak

Rajab is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar which will mark the start of Rajab month from this week. The word ‘Rajab’ came from Rajub which means regarded, admired, and respected. Muslims follow the Hijri or Islamic calendar which is based on the lunar cycle that consists of 12 months with 354-355 days as…

Happy New Year 2023

Wishing a vary very happy new year 2023 to all my dear bloggers friends, readers, and viewers across the world

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022

Thanksgiving Day is a national day in the United States that celebrate the annual harvest and other blessings of the last year. In the year 2022, it is celebrated on November 24 and marks the start of the holiday season. There are several other countries such as Canada, Netherlands, Saint Lucia, Australia, Liberia, and Grenada…