12 Amazing Health Benefits of Hugging

The sixth day of Valentine’s week is Hug Day which will be celebrated annually on February 12. A warm hug to a partner may enhance the trust, love, and affection that also improve bonds between them. The main benefit of a warm hug is that it helps in lowering stress or depression and is beneficial for mental health. As per a study, hugging decreases the level of cortisol and stress hormones.

Health Benefits of Hugging: What happens when you hug a person? - Dr.  Brahmanand Nayak

Health Benefits of hugging – There are several benefits of hugging are discussed below –

  1. Hugging enhances the level of oxytocin in the brain that makes it active, happy, and calm.
  2. Hugging lowers the cortisol level and stress hormone that is beneficial in reducing blood pressure and heart rate during stressful situations.
  3. Hugging also enhances the romantic love that helps in making a strong relationship between married or single couples.
  4. Hugging also increases love, trust, and affection between relatives.
  5. Hugging lowers the tension and improves the circulation of blood that relaxes the tense muscles and reduces pain.
  6. Hugging reduces blood pressure that lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke.
  7. Hugging improves all types of relationships by physically touching and releasing the love hormone. It enhances trust, love, and affection between people.
  8. Hugging also helps in making strengthen the relationship between family members and close friends.
  9. Hugging may also help in lowering anxiety, and reducing fear.
  10. Hugging may help in strengthening the immune system by enhancing lymphocytes, the natural killer cells, and many other boosting immune cells.
  11. As per a study, a few minutes of hugging or cuddling with a partner may improve sleep quality.
  12. The main advantage of hugging is that it makes a child feel safe, secure, and love.

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    Who doesn’t love a hug? 🤗

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