Relationship – It is a type of association that connects people either platonic, intimate, positive, or negative. If an individual talks about ‘’being in a relationship’’ then the word refers to a specific type of romantic relationship that involves both physical and emotional intimacy. A relationship also involves physical attraction, intellectual compatibility, friendship, and love. Love plays an important role that maintaining any relationship becomes strong.

When you are born then several relationships are formed with many individuals including family members. Firstly, it become or make a relationship with parent including father and mother and is one of the greatest relationships as compared with other relationship. When you will grow older then visit a school for a study that makes friends with several students either boys or girls. At a younger age, you will start to go to college for graduation and makes friends with many students. During college days, you may also make a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship with any particular boy or girl.

After completing graduation, you will get a job and make professional relationships with employees and boss. When you will get a job and earn more money and will get married to any person then makes a husband-wife relationship. After marriage, when the child will be born at your home then it makes father or mother relation with your son or daughter. Thus, when you are born to older age, several relationships will make with several including family members and friends.

Types of relationship – There are some of the types of relationships are given below –

  • Friendship
  • Familial relationship
  • Brother or sister relationship
  • Physical relationship
  • Professional relationship
  • Acquaintances
  • Boss or employer relationship
  • Teacher or student relationship
  • Location-based relationships including roommates, landlord or tenant relationships, and neighbors.

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