Introduction – Love is a set of behaviors and emotions that is characterized by passion, intimacy, and commitment. The feeling of love involves closeness, affection, care, trust, attraction, and protectiveness. Love can fluctuate in intensity and may change from time to time. It is related to a range of positive emotions including excitement, happiness, life satisfaction, and joy. So, it can result in negative emotions such as stress and jealously. Love is one of the most important human emotions and is still the minimum understood. As per the researcher, love may be a cultural or biological phenomenon.

what is Love..............

The feeling of love may be more influenced by both cultural influences and biological drives.  The way to express love is also influenced by your conceptions of love.

Signs of love – As per researchers, there are some differences between the feeling of loving and liking. As per psychologist Zick Rubin, romantic love is made up of three elements are discussed below –

  • Intimacy – In this element, it involves sharing private thoughts, close persona relationship with somebody.
  • Attachment – In this element, desiring physical contact, approval, and needing to be with another individual.
  • Caring – In this element, respecting the other individual’s happiness and needs as much as your own.
15+ Different Types of Love in Relationship and their Meanings

Type of love – There are some types of love are discussed below –

  • Passionate love – In this type of love, it is marked by intense feelings of attraction and longing. This type of love may involve a romanticism of the other individual and want to maintain constant physical intimacy.
  • Friendship – In this type of love, it involves liking somebody with sharing a certain degree of intimacy.
  • Affectionate love – In this type of love, it occurs between family members or friends if both people share the same thoughts and respect each other and is commonly known as ‘’brotherly love’’.
  • Familiar love – In this type of love, it occurs in parents, children, and best friends. This type of love comes immediately and easily in the child and parent relationship.
  • Compassionate love – In this type of love, it is marked by intimacy, commitment, affection, and trust.
  • Infatuation – In this type of love, it often involves an intense feeling of attraction with no sense of commitment. This type of love takes place early in a relationship and can deepen into more lasting love.
  • Romantic love – In this type of love, it involves hugging, kissing, and holding love. This type of love also involves a physical or sexual relationship with their partner.
  • Unreturned love – In this type of love, it may occur if one individual loves another who does not return those feelings.
  • Selfless love – This type of love is the highest level of love that is given without any expectations of receiving anything in return.

How to show love – There are some of the steps to show love for another person are discussed below –

  • Be ready to forgive
  • Show affection
  • Help in emergency conditions
  • Always available for you in any conditions
  • Acknowledge and praise your good qualities
  • Spend time with you
  • Fight for you
  • Be ready to apologize if you make mistakes

Effect of love – Affection, attachment, and unconditional love may affect your life. There are several benefits of affection and love are given below –

  • Reduce the risk of heart problems
  • Lower depression
  • Increased longevity
  • Decrease stress levels

Drawbacks of love – As we know love is linked with a positive emotion but it can also be accompanied by several negative feelings. Some people feel negative emotions that are associated with love

  • Jealously
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessiveness
  • Sadness
  • Depression

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  1. mildredprincewelch says:

    “Love appears in fractions *&* fragments always going astray breaking hearts,
    but the big picture=love is an abscess
    on the brains that burst in your $pockets$!”
    _-Van Prince

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my post


  2. I hear u says:

    Love is from emotions..
    emotions are from feelings..
    feelings are from ideas..
    It is all done by pitutary gland.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for reading my post


      1. I hear u says:

        with pleasure.

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  3. प्यार को परिभाषित नहीं कर सकता , प्यार ऐसा निराला भावना है 🌷♥️🌷

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