Introduction – Intimate relationship is an social relationship , which includes emotional and physical intimacy. Thus, an intimate relationship may be a non-sexual or sexual relationship. Emotional intimacy contains feelings of loving or liking that may result in physical intimacy with any person. Physical intimacy is characterized by platonic love, friendship, sexual activity, romantic Love, or many other passionate attachments. This type of relationship plays an important role in the overall human experience. Most people have a great desire for love and are commonly satisfied with an intimate relationship. Such relationships allow a social network for people to make a strong emotional relationship attachment.

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Intimacy – It is a very close and familiar relationship with any person and is formed through a great understanding of each other. Genuine intimacy in the relationship between people needs vulnerability, dialogue, reciprocity, and transparency. The level and meaning of intimacy vary within between relationships. As per anthropological research, intimacy may be considered as the product of a successful seduction, a process of relationship or understanding to enable parties for disclosing past hidden feelings and thoughts. Intimate behavior creates closeness with best friends and family members that evolves through reciprocal self-disclosure and honesty.  Psychological consequences of intimacy issues are faced by adult people that have a problem to make and maintain intimate relationships with any individual. Some people may experience the fear of intimacy is negatively that is related to well-being with relationship satisfaction, emotional closeness, and positively related to trait anxiety and loneliness.

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As per researchers, they differentiate between several forms of intimacy including emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual intimacy are discussed below –

  • Emotional intimacy – This type of intimacy mainly in sexual relationships that develop after a great trust or belief has been reached and strong bonds between boys and girls have been established. The emotional connection of ‘’falling in love’’ between boys and girls has a biochemical dimension via reactions in the body that are encouraged by sexual attraction and also a social dimension through sexual intimacy. Love is the main factor in emotional intimacy that quantitively and qualitatively is different from liking in the absence or presence of sexual attraction.
  • Physical intimacy – This type of intimacy may involve kissing, holding hands, hugging, heavy petting, and a sexual relationship with any person.
  • Spiritual Intimacy – This type of intimacy involves bonding spiritually.
  • Cognitive or intellectual intimacy – This type of intimacy occurs when two individuals share their ideas, thoughts, enjoy similarities and differences in their views.

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