Romantic Love

Romance – It is a relationship between two individuals who are in love with each other. Nowadays, youngsters enjoy this type of relationship with their partners worldwide. Romance is very essential for love between couples that involves dating, long driving, candle-light dinner, hugging, kissing, and physical relationship with or without marriage. At present most couples are living together in a live-in relationship. But romance may not be a pure love between two individuals.

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Romantic Love – It is a feeling of love with a strong attraction towards another person. Romantic love is that type of love in which passion and intimacy are prominent features.  This type of love is based on the mutual attraction between two individuals that is the first step of true or pure love. Romantic love maintains a good relationship between couples by sharing romantic thoughts, arranging candlelight dinners, offering a red rose or love cards and going for a long trip or another honeymoon.

The sensation and emotions of romantic love are greatly linked with romantic feelings and sexual attraction. If two persons are mutually attracted due to personality, beautiful face, charming nature, and many more then it’s the first step of romantic love.  After a long time of friendship, both persons may understand and be devoted to each other thus it’s a sign of romantic love. Romantic love also helps in making a strong relationship between couples after marriage. This type of love involves mutual understanding, attraction, kissing, hugging, and physical relationship.

Romantic love may not transform into love and this type of relationship is only based on your beautiful face, money, and physical attraction. It strengthens the intimacy and makes a good bond between couples so romantic love acts as fuel for a better relationship. Romantic love is very important for a relationship, which creates adventure in life. Thus, love and romance make a relationship very beautiful and everlasting between couples.


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