Types of Happiness

Happiness – It is that type of positive emotion that is characterized by a feeling of joy, excitement, fulfilment, satisfaction, and contentment. Happiness encourages for any work and increases confidence among people. It is also good for your physical and mental health.

Types of happiness – There are several types of happiness are discussed below –

  • Contentment – The main cause of happiness is contentment which means a state of satisfaction. This type of happiness involves a sense of satisfaction.
  • Gratitude – It is that type of happiness and is a positive emotion that involves being appreciative and thankful.
  • Joy – It is that type of happiness that relatively feeling in the present moment. This type of happiness makes you feel great assertive, confident, and loved.
  • Love – It is also the main factor and a fundamental predictor of happiness. If you love with your family members and friends then you are blissfully happy or smile all the time.
  • Excitement – It is a feeling of happiness about a new job and promotes you to work harder. When you are excited then your emotions become more powerful which may affect your decision-making capabilities.
  • Optimism – It is that type of happiness that reflects the belief or experiences outcomes will normally be positive.
  • Pride – It is a feeling of joy and satisfaction in which you have accomplished certain things in life.

Happiness is also being satisfied with your life and can be found in some pleasures including enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, celebrating a friend’s birthday, watching a green or beautiful nature, enjoying romance with your partner, and many more.

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    Excellent post. I really admire your blogs because they are positive, interesting and informative.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for your great support for my blogs 😊


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