5 Different Types of Affairs

Affair– An affair affair is an illegal physical relationship which involves friendship, romance, emotional, intimate attachment between boy and girl either bachelor or married individuals. It is not a serious commitment that mostly for a secret sexual relationship and may not be accepted by the society.

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Types of Affairs – There are several types of affairs that are briefly discussed below –

  1. Emotional Affair – This type of affair starts with a friendly or platonic relationship which describes a bond between two people without being a physical relationship. An emotional affair may occur from a friendship and level of individual intimacy and attachment. The intimacy involved in this type of affair may be more intense as compared with intimacy in a sexual affair. But in some cases, an emotional affair may be changed into a sexual affair.
  2. Romantic affair – This type of affair may be romantic that can be stated as an ‘’affair of the heart’’. It is generally in the form of sexual relationships that contain some level of emotional and romance attachment with no expect a more proper romantic relationship . The romantic affair may also be termed as love, platonic or romantic relationship.
  3. Extramarital affair – When two married people (male and female) are in a romantic or sexual affair then it may be referred to as an extramarital affair. This type of affair occurs if any individual is not physically or emotionally satisfied with their partner. Some extramarital affairs are mainly for physical pleasure without any expectation for a long-term relationship.
  4. Cyber affair – This type of affair is also known an online affair that occurs through online chat, email or text, and webcam. A cyber affair is a type of affair between two people who only know about the basic information of that individual including name without any meeting. In this type of affair, Individuals share intimate information with each other. The persons involved in an online affair may never to each other.
  5. Sexual affair – This type of affair is one of the most common affairs across the world. Generally, it is mainly for a physical relationship without any emotional attachment and pure love. This type of affair begins mainly for sexual satisfaction without any emotional attachment and true love.

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