World Contraception Day 2022

Introduction – World Contraception Day is celebrated every year on September 26 to spread awareness about family planning and contraceptive knowledge. It is a worldwide campaign that is held every year for the methods of birth control by declarative the significance of reproductive health. Contraception is a procedure which may be used in preventing unwanted pregnancy as a result of sexual activity between female and male partners. It further highlights better information and knowledge about protected and safe sex.

This international day is an important event for highlighting the requirements to reduce or control the population. It also highlights the need for better family planning that may indirectly also help families to lift themselves out of poverty.

History – Firstly, World Contraception Day was celebrated on September 26, 2007, to raise awareness about the safe methods of contraception across the world. There are about 10 international family planning organizations that proposed the idea of using contraceptives for enabling a planned decision about starting a family on that day. Around 15 international NGOs, governmental organizations, and medical and scientific communities support this international day to impart the right knowledge about reproductive and sexual health.

Significance – Presently, common people use modern contraceptive methods across the world. There are a large number of people that are lived in rural areas who are not capable of grasping the idea of contraceptive methods. The main aim of special campaigns offers information about the availability of contraceptive methods which may prevent unwanted pregnancy and encourage safe sex. The celebration of this global day may spread awareness about the new methods of contraceptives among common people across the world. Good sexual and reproductive health is an important part of human growth which may ensure by using several best contraceptive methods.

These modern contraceptive methods may help in preventing sexually transmitted diseases that are good for your health. Thus, common people are requested to follow modern contraceptive methods in preventing several sexually transmitted diseases. This international day also highlights the awareness about safe sex that prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are several seminars, campaigns, and conferences that are the main events for spreading awareness for safe abortion methods among youngsters. Safe sex and a normal approach to sexual matters are the main aims of the celebration of this international day.


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