World Environmental Health Day 2022

Introduction – World Environmental Health Day is celebrated every year on September 26 across the world to spread awareness about the important work done by environmental health workers and motivate individuals to protect our environment. Now, environmental health is the main criterion for the health of common people across the world. On this day, individuals should know about the significant role of environmental health worldwide.

History – In the year 2011, the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) founded World Environmental Day with the purpose of the well-being of common people across the world. Environmental health is interlinked with the health of people all around the world. Each country needs to take action or work on decreasing water or air pollution for improving environmental health. The IFEH is completely devoted to spread and share information about the protection and improvement of environmental health for common people.

Theme – The theme of World Environmental Health Day in the year 2022 is “Strengthening Environmental Health Systems for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals” which concentrates to improve the environmental health system across the world for the implementation and sustainable development goals.

Significance – As per the World Health Organization (WHO), we can improve environmental health then it may prevent one-quarter of health diseases across the world. A healthy environment contains clean air, proper sanitation, a stable climate, safe use of chemicals, clean water, green nature, a healthy and safe workplace, and protection from radiation. This international day provides humanity with an opportunity for understanding several environmental problems with their preventive measures.

The main aim of this international day is to spread awareness about the significance and benefits of environmental health across the world. There are several online events including webinars, online competitions and many more are organized on this day. It is important to know about the integral connection between economy, environment, and health thus it becomes essential to invest in healthy and green recovery.


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