World Obesity Day 2022

Introduction – World Obesity Day is celebrated annually on March 4 to create awareness about the harmful effects of obesity among common people all around the world.  Obesity is one of the major risks that cause several severe diseases across the world including diabetes , heart problems, and hypertension. It is a lifestyle disease that mainly affects on children and youngsters. Obesity also affects people of all age groups all over the world.

Obesity occurs due to overeating, poor diet, genetic problems, economic, cultural, and environmental factors. Now obesity has become widespread which affects billions of people worldwide.

History – Firstly, World Obesity Day was observed in the year 2015. This international is organized by World Obesity Federation, a non-profit organization that works in collaboration with Lancet Commission and World Health Organization. Secondly, this global day was celebrated in the year 2016 that concentrated on childhood obesity.

The main goal of this international day is to spread awareness about the hazardous effects of obesity that causes severe diseases including high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes

Theme – The theme of World Obesity Day in the year 2022 is ‘’Everybody Needs to Act’’. Earlier, the theme of World Obesity Day in the year 2021 is ‘’Everybody Needs Everybody’’.

Significance – There is about 800 million people are suffering from obesity across the world. Now, most of the youngsters are habitual of fast foods including pizza, burger, maggy, and noodles that causes obesity in children and young people. Obesity increases the risk of several severe diseases including high cholesterol, heart attack or stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. There are some activities including physical exercise regularly, avoiding fast foods, drinking a large amount of water, and taking leafy vegetables that helps in lowering the weight and reduce the risk of other severe diseases.


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