Types of Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationship – It is one of the important relationships among youngsters that involves both emotional, intimacy, and physical relationship. This type of relationship also involves mutual and voluntary interactions between two persons (male and female). It is characterized by feeling of love, attraction expressions of intimacy and affection for another person. Romantic Love may vary which involves feeling of intimacy, commitment, and obsession


Early family experience affects later romantic relationships | National  Institutes of Health (NIH)

Types of romantic relationships – There are several basic types of romantic relationships are discussed below –

  • Committed relationship – It is that type of romantic relationship that is based on the commitment to one another and involves trust, love, respect, openness, honesty, and several other behaviors. The phrase ‘’in a relationship’’ commonly means being in a committed and long-term romantic relationship that involves romantically and sexually. It is also used for a long-term boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, engagement, close friendship, engagement, and many more. Marriage is another type of committed relationship in which husband and wife publicly vow to live together forever that forms a legal binding onion.
  • Dating – It is another type of romantic relationship that couples spend their special time on any trip or candlelight dinner to get to know them better before marriage. Couples also enjoy and have fun together in dating which helps in making for a more long-term relationship. At present, most of the young couples are dating each other before to make the husband-wife relationship.
  • Casual relationship – It is that of a romantic relationship in which two or more people can be dating daily spending special time together and engaging in sexual or romantic activities with no expectations for the future relationship. Couples in causal relationships normally have more situational and short-term relationships with fun and enjoyment. In this type of romantic relationship, normally attracted or like each other and may not be to make an intense emotional connection and just for fun.
  • Live-in-relationship – It is that type of relationship in which boys and girls are living together in the home or room without marriage. Marriages are very expensive that are based on caste, religion, and rituals. Now youngsters are working with several opposite partners in multinational companies where they like to each other without knowing about their caste, religion, language, and location. But their families did not agree so young boys and girls are living together without marriage, rituals, and avoid spending more money on marriage. Thus, a live-in relationship is more popular among youngsters across the world including India.

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