World Habitat Day 2021

Introduction – World Habitat Day is observed on the first Monday of every October once a year thus, in the present year 2021, this day is celebrated on October 4 all around the world. The main purpose of this day is to promote the basic right to adequate housing and shelter for everyone worldwide that is densely populated and affected due to the impact of urbanization. As per the United Nations, about 1.8 billion people were living in slums all over the world before the occurrence of Covid-Pandemic that is a serious global problem.

World Habitat Day 2021: Theme, History and Significance

History – In the year 1985, the United Nations General Assembly had declared that this day is observed World Habitat Day every year. Firstly, this day was celebrated in Nairobi, Kenya in the year 1986, which is based on the theme “Shelter is my right’’.  Several countries have been fueling this initiative by choosing appropriate themes. This day boosting the drive to end the problem of lack of shelter or housing. The United Nations Human Settlements had launched the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in the year 1989 for promoting nations to find a solution of habitat problems.

Theme – The theme of World Habitat Day in the year 2021 is ‘’Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world’’.

Significance – The population increases day by day that enhances the problem of housing or shelter for every person in several countries. When a population increases rapidly then it may also enhance poverty, unemployment, which is a threat to the quality of living. Natural disasters such as cyclones and floods, riots, pandemic, earthquakes, and many more are also responsible for increasing homeless people worldwide. The poor economic conditions of some countries also may cause shelter issues globally.

World Habitat Day 2021 | 10 Lines On World Habitat Day - Speech/Essay On World  Habitat Day - YouTube

 The lack of proper building techniques and poor infrastructure may cause insecurity crisis, and chaotic situations.  Rapid urbanization, unplanned cities with their adverse effects on the environment may increase several problems including the housing problems.


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