World Animal Welfare Day 2021

Introduction – World Animal Welfare Day is observed on October 4 once a year is to raise the status of and improve welfare standards of animals all around the world. It is an international event, which unites animal protection and animal organizations from several countries. The main purpose of this day is to protect the rights and welfare of animals.

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History – In the year 1925, World Animal Welfare Day was originated when cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann arranged the opening event on March 24 at the Sports Palace in Berlin, Germany. There are about 5,000 people attended the event that was first arranged in this event to align with the fest day of Saint Francis of Assisi. But the place was not available for celebrations on October 4, so it was moved to March 24 in the same year.

World Animal day in 2021 - Why It Is Celebrated - Esa Dhyam

However, this day was celebrated on October 4 every year. The authorities celebrated this day for the first time on October 4, 1929, in which few countries such as Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Austria accepted this day.

Theme – The theme of World Animal Welfare Day in the year 2021 is ‘Forest and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.’  In the year 2020, the theme of World Animal Welfare Day is ‘’Man and Dog’’ that promotes the best relationship between humans and animals for protecting and creating a safe environment for animals.

Significance – Animals are a very important part of our ecosystem for humans. This day is also known as ‘’Animal Lovers Day’’ that promotes care, love, affection, and protection of animals by people, and organizations that work to protect the rights of animals. This day aims is to ensure rescue shelters for animals, raising funds, introducing animal welfare, and conducting several activities for spreading awareness with better conditions of animal living.


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