World Urbanism Day 2022

Introduction – World Urbanism Day is also known as World Town Planning Day, is observed annually on November 8 across the world to promote the role of planning in creating liveable communities. The main purpose of this international day is to highlight the environmental impacts that are caused by the development of territories and cities. This global day is organized by the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOARP).

History – Carlos Maria, a late Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, was a civil engineer and founded World Urbanism Day in the year 1949 to develop urban and regional planning all around the world. This global day provides an opportunity for looking at planning from a worldwide perspective to draw attention to the environmental impacts that result from the growth of cities and territories.

Significance – The word urbanism talks about how people of urban areas cooperate with the built environment and urban areas are cities, towns, and other places with high or dense populations. The main attention of urban planning is to make the community liveable and healthy in urban areas.

There are some of the factors which make liveable and healthy urban areas are given below –

  • Provides many varieties of housing options for common people in towns and cities.
  • Several hospitals are located in urban areas that provide the best medical facilities for common people
  • Public transports are easily available at a reasonable price for common people who are living in urban areas.
  • The big cities have shopping malls. grocery stores, best schools, top degree colleges, parks, fitness facilities, and entertainment areas.
  • No factories or other production industries are not built near colonies that are polluted and may cause health issues for common people in urban areas.

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