What is an Earthquake

An earthquake is also known as a tremor or quake, is the trembling of the surface of the Earth that results in a sudden release of massive energy in the lithosphere of the Earth that creates seismic waves and is harmful for property and life. Thus, when there is a sudden displacement of a part of the lithosphere crust that is caused by internal forces then it may cause waves or tremors that travel in all directions from the center of the disturbance and these sudden tremors are known as an earthquake.

The center from which the earthquake waves originate is known as the seismic focus which lies inside the crust of the Earth. The points on the surface of the Earth that is vertically above the focus are known as epicenter. The intensity of earthquake tremors is maximin near to the center and reduces with distance from the epicenter. Now, the intensity of earthquake waves and their time of occurrence is recorded by an instrument is known as a seismograph. The occurrence of earthquakes in unstable portions of the earth’s crust.

 It is important to note that hundreds of mild earthquakes occur daily but the strong earthquake may cause huge damage to property and life. The earthquake may also cause horizontal and vertical displacement of the earth’s surface. Cracks or fissures can appear on the earth’s surface over long distances that are caused by the earthquake. Landslides may also occur due to earthquakes that can block the rivers to form lakes. Massive earthquakes, it may damage roads, buildings, railway lines, and a large number of people died. Gas pipelines and water pipelines may also damage due to earthquakes.

When a strong or massive intensity earthquake is located in the ocean or sea then it may also cause a tsunami that may also damage buildings or other many properties, and a huge number of people died. The earthquake may be caused mainly by the rupture of geological faults such as landslides, volcanic activity, nuclear tests, and many more.


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  1. A good introduction to what an earthquake is. Thank you 🙏🌍

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      Most welcome, thanks for appreciation and reading my post 😊

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