National Post Day 2022

Introduction – National Post Day is celebrated every year on October 10 in India to honor the contribution of the Indian postal department and dakiyas for over 150 years. This international day is an extension of World Post Day that was observed every year on October 9 across the world.

The Indian Postal System plays a significant role in connecting people with their loved ones and is the only way form of communication.  In the past, people are waiting for letters from their family members that lived in cities or villages. The postal system can connect common people by sending wishes, new year, or marriage cards to their family members and close friends throughout the festivals or new year, or any marriage occasions.

Earlier, the postman also helps those people who are illiterate. This global day honors the main contribution of the Indian postal department that played an important role and is still doing it in our country. Presently, common people use social media websites to send wishes or invitations in seconds across the world including India which reduces the use of letters or postcards.

Indian postal services –The British government has introduced postal services in India in the year 1854 which was created by Lord Dalhousie. Presently, it works under the Ministry of Communications and is the most widely distributed postal system across the world. Earlier, common people use postal services to send money through money orders which is the only way to send money. But now the use of several social media websites and online money payment services through the use of the Internet decrease the use of postal services worldwide.


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