World Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer Patients) 2022

Introduction – World Rose Day is observed every year on September 22 across the world in remembrance of a young girl Melinda Rose who had blood cancer and devoted her last six months to bringing positivity, joy, and hope for the welfare of cancer patients.

A Canadian citizen, Melinda Rose was suffering from Askin’s tumor, a rare type of blood cancer, and died in the year 1996. After examination, the doctor said that Melinda Rose was not going to live for more than a few weeks due to blood cancer. After the declaration of a doctor, Melinda Rose dedicated her last six months to offering happiness, joy, and positive hope to cancer patients. She met thousands of cancer patients and was filled with hope and joy during her treatment. Melinda spread happiness and cheered cancer patients, and medical staff by sharing poetries, emails, and letters.

History – World Rose Day is observed every year on September 22 to dedicate a little girl Melinda Rose to other millions of cancer patients who are struggling or fighting this horrible disease or lost their lives due to cancer. This international day is observed in the remembrance of Melinda Rose who is suffering from Askin’s Tumor which is a rare type of blood cancer. After analysis, the doctor declared that Melinda was not going to live more than 6 months.  So, she dedicated her last 6 months to the other cancer patients and make them happy by sharing poems, letters, and emails with them. The main purpose of this day is to motivate cancer patients so that they can fight and can defeat this disease.

Significance – Cancer is one of the deadliest or most dangerous diseases which affects millions of people all around the world. This international day is observed to give hope and strength to people fighting cancer. On this day, friends, family members, and caregivers offer cards, roses, gifts, and letters to cancer patients that make realize them that they are not alone in fighting or struggling against cancer. This global day is dedicated to cancer patients and observed to spread awareness about the causes and prevention of cancer which is the second most death leading disease across the world. The main aim of this international day is to encourage cancer patients by sharing red roses, gifts, poems, and many more.

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