International Day of Peace 2022

Introduction – International Day of Peace is called as World Peace Day and is observed every year on September 21 to maintain or strengthen the idea of peace across the world. The main purpose of this international day is to spread awareness about several issues that are related to violence worldwide and request common people for living together in a peaceful way. Presently, several parts of the world conflict with one another due to several reasons. Thus, this international day is more important to understand the idea of peace and provides an opportunity to resolve issues between several countries.

History – This international day is observed on September 21 once a year to main peace worldwide. The United Nations General Assembly passes a common resolution in the year 1981 which was jointly sponsored by Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. Later, this international day is observed on the third Tuesday of September in 1982. Thus, firstly this international day is celebrated in the year 1982 by several political groups, countries, military groups, and people.

The main aim of this international day is to encourage the idea of peace worldwide. In the year 2001, the United Nations announced that this international day is a day of non-violence and a ceasefire and is observed annually on September 21.  International Day of Peace may benefit for the entire world to resolve conflict and worldwide ceasefire between several countries. This international day was observing a 24-hour cease-fire and non-violence between several countries.

Theme – The theme of the International Day of Peace is “End Racism, Build Peace” which aims to maintain peace by preventing racism worldwide. The main purpose of the United Nations is to make a society in which each individual feels safe and can flourish regardless of race.

Significance – International Day of Peace is celebrated every year on September 21 which provides an opportunity to create or maintain peace across the world. This global day is observed as a day of ceasefire and nonviolence worldwide. This international day also aims to maintain peace for a sustainable world economy that creates a huge number of jobs across the world.

The fighting between any countries may disturb the peace and also be dangerous for the economic conditions of the world that causes several issues including price rise, poverty, unemployment, lack of essential goods, and many more. In the previous year, the whole world is upset due to Covid-19. At present, we are gradually recovering from this pandemic with good economic conditions, and a large number of jobs are created. But the whole world is now still worried about the future due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and Covid-19 pandemic situation.


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