What is Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that is concerned with building smart machines and is capable of performing tasks, which typically require human intelligence. It enables machines for replicating the abilities of the human mind. It is also a method to make a computer-controlled robot that thinks intelligently like the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is also a simulation of human intelligence in machines, which are programed to think and exhibit behaviors like a human being and mimic their actions such as learning and problem solving

In other words, artificial intelligence is a technology which enables computers and machine applications to mimic human intelligence, learning from experience through algorithm training and iterative processing. The main aim of artificial intelligence is in helping human beings to devoid of hard labor and beneficial in managing the complex web of interconnected companies, states, individuals, and countries for functioning in a manner that is useful for humanity.

 Artificial systems work via merging with intelligent and iterative processing algorithms to learn from features and patterns in the data that they analyze. Every time an artificial system runs a round of data processing, it measures and assesses its own performance which develops extra expertise. Artificial intelligence runs via hundreds, thousands, or millions of tasks very fast with great learning capability in very less time. The main aim of artificial intelligence science is to make a computer system which is capable of modelling human behavior thus it can use human-like thinking processes for solving complex problems.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that refers to the concept in which computer programs may automatically learn and adapt to new data without being helped by a human being. There is another technique, Deep learning allows this automatic learning by absorbing a large amount of unstructured data such as video, images, and text.


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  2. Gradually companies are working on having AI to replace job interviews and resume reviews.

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