International Strange Music Day 2022

Introduction – International Strange Music Day is celebrated every year on August 24 to honor the musical contributions of artists across the world. Strange music is that type of music, which is not typically heard in mainstream culture and is often considered to be a form of underground hip-hop. The main purpose of International Strange Music Day is to celebrate and encourage the strange and unique music all over the world.

History – Patrick Grant was a musician and composer of New York that created International Strange Music Day. The idea of this international day is easy to get people for playing and listening to all types of music that they have never experienced before. In past, strange music day also started as a way for funding to encourage his new album ‘’Fields Amaze’’ in the year 1997.

Patrick grant choose August 24 to celebrate International Strange Music Day due to the birthday of father of his girlfriend who also had been a sort of artistic mentor to him. This global day gained popularity in the year 2002 by several artists and venues. In the year 2012, Patrick Grant challenged the musicians of New York City for participating in an International Strange Music Day Performance Celebration.

Significance – Strange music is the main part of the music industry that has a deep impact on the culture of music and is responsible for some most influential and iconic songs in history. You can celebrate this day by listening to strange music online such as International Freak (2018), Rock N Roll McDonalds (1995), The Sound Of Burning Chairs (2016), and many more. You can also create strange music on this global day. The main benefits of listening to strange music are beneficial in lowering stress that makes mind relax


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