Black Ribbon Day 2022

Introduction – Black Ribbon Day is also known as the Europe Wide Day of Remembrance is observed annually on August 23 across the world for remembering and paying tributes to victims of all authoritarian regimes. European Union authorized this day to encourage the rejection of fascist ideologies such as Nazism and Stalinism. This international day also encourages democratic values by rejecting dictatorial ideologies.

European Union countries, the United States, and Canada observed this global day in remembrance of the victims of mass execution that are under totalitarian regimes during the Fascist and Nazi rules. This international day reminds common people in Europe who became victims of mass executions that were the consequences of the Fascist rule in the continent.

History – – This international was created during the Cold War period in the 1980s. There are many refugee communities migrated to several Western countries such as the USA, Canada, and many more that marked the day for protesting against the communist government in Russia that led to the Revolution of 1989. A member of the Estonian Central Council in Canada, Markus Hess created the name this global day as ‘’Black Ribbon Day’’ due to black ribbons that are used as a mark of protest

Significance – The main purpose of this international day is to encourage democratic values and spread awareness against totalitarian ideologies that are similar to Fascist, Nazism, and Stalinist governments. This international day aims to preserve the memory of the victims of mass executions and encourage democratic values to strengthen stability and peace in Europe.

According to world history, the Nazi rule was known for its harsh rule and trying to destroy a whole race of people due to they were inferior. There were millions of people dead at that time. So, this day is observed to remember how these governments brought nothing but destruction to the world for the future. This global day also encourages the rejection of fascist ideologies such as Nazism, Stalinism, Fascism and many more that took over the world for several years.


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