About Eid al-Adha (Bakrid) 2022

As per Islamic Calendar, Eid-al Adha (Bakrid) will be celebrated on the tenth day of Zilhijj (the last month of the lunar calendar) thus, Bakrid will be celebrated on July 10 across the world.

The main aim of celebrating Bakrid is to recognize, honor, and loyalty of Prophet Ibrahim who was ready to sacrifice his son Ismail to satisfy his God. God was impressed with the devotion of Prophet Ibrahim and replaced him with a lamb. Thus, Muslims perform sacrifices of animals on Bakrid or Eid-ul Azha as a tribute to Prophet Ibrahim. On this day, it is compulsory to share the meat amongst relatives and poor people equally.

In the morning, Muslims also offer prayers (namaz) in Mosques or Eidgahs before noon on Bakrid. They embrace each other and wish ‘’Eid Mubarak’’ after prayer (namaz). After offering namaz, Muslims return home and take sweet (sawai) at their home. On this day, sweet noodles (sawai) are cooked that are given to close guests. Several types of desserts and sweets are made on Bakrid for celebrating the amazing festival of Eid-ul Zuha.

On this day, Hajj is also performed by whole Muslims community across the world. Every Muslim must at least once travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj in their lifetime if they are financially and physically stable. Hajj is also one of the five pillars of Islam that are performed on the day of Eid-ul Azha.


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