National Doctors Day 2022

Introduction – National Doctors Day is celebrated every year on July 1 in India by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to highlight the contributions of doctors in society. This national day is celebrated for remembering the birth and death anniversary of former Chief Minister of Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Doctors are also called as clinicians, medical practitioners, and physicians are healthcare professionals who advise, diagnose and treat our diseases. In our country, Doctors may be called as God as they save the lives of people. This national day is dedicated to all the doctors and healthcare workers who are continuously working during Covid-19 situations by risking their lives. This epidemic has once again reminded us about the sacrifices and great contributions made by health workers and doctors across the world.

History – Firstly, National Doctors Day was celebrated on July 1, 1991, to honor the birth and death anniversary of former Chief Minister of Bengal Dr. Bidhan Roy on July 1. This day is also observed to recognize his contribution to serving humanity. Dr. Roy was born on July 1, 1882, and was a great doctor which offers a huge contribution to the medical field. He died on a similar date i.e., on July 1 at an age of 80 years in1962. Dr. Roy was also chief minister of West Bengal from 1948 until his death in the year 1962. He also received India’s highest civilian honor, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961.

Theme – The theme of National Doctors in the year 2022 in India is ‘’Family Doctors on the Front Line’’ highlights the contribution of doctors in our society to their service and commitment towards humanity.

Significance – National Doctors Day was established by the Government of India in 1991 for recognizing the contributions of Dr. Bidhan Roy. Dr. Bidhan Roy played an important role in establishing many popular medical institutions such as Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Victoria Institution, (college), Chittranjan Cancer Hospital, Jadavpur T.B. Hospital, Kamla Nehru Memorial, Chittranjan Seva Sadan for women and children. He was also known as the first medical consultant in the subcontinent of India that risen over his contemporaries in some fields by the British Medical Journal. 

Doctors play a significant role in our society by saving the lives of patients across the world. During the covid-19 epidemic, many doctors lost their lives due to coronavirus while treating patients. The main purpose of this national day is to spread awareness about the important role that is playing by doctors in our society.


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