World Milk Day 2022

Introduction – World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1 every year to spread awareness about the health benefits of milk across the world. This global day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in the year 2001. Milk has several important nutrients including protein and lactose that are beneficial for people, especially children, and kids. It is good for bone health, strong teeth, improve immunity and many more health benefits.

History – Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations introduced World Milk Day in the year 2001 to celebrate the dairy sector and recognize the importance of milk due to its health benefits as a global food.

Theme – The theme of this international day is ‘’Dairy Net Zero’’ which brings attention to the climate change crisis and how the impact on the dairy sector all around the world. The main purpose of this theme is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years in the dairy sector. The theme also marks improving waste management in the dairy sector to make the industry more sustainable.

Significance – The main purpose of this international day is to raise awareness about the importance and health benefits of milk in daily lives. Milk is very essential and beneficial for especially babies for their growing bodies.  Milk is considered as the first meal that is consumed by a baby after birth and it can be the only main hood that is taken or drink throughout the life. Sweets are made up of milk that plays an important role in festivals. Cow’s milk is one of the health and most popular milk of other mammals with several health benefits. There are various varieties that are made up of milk including paneer, sweets, ghee, and many more. The main reason to celebrate world milk day is to honor the contributions of the dairy sector and milk to the world.


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