World Wildlife Conservation Day 2021

Introduction – World Wildlife Conservation Day is celebrated annually on December 4 across the world to spread awareness about protecting and preserving the natural world and its inhabitants. The main aim of this global day is to conserve forests and wildlife that help in enhancing the number of endangered animals all around the world.

Nowadays, the illegal poaching and smuggling of animals rapidly increase to earn more money. Due to industrialization and making colonies and highways, the areas of forests are reducing which affects the wildlife all over the world. Due to the increase in illegal poaching and smuggling of animals, it causes several species to become endangered or nearly extinct. There are six animals that are at risk of becoming extinct are given below –

  • Tigers
  • Cheetahs
  • Elephants
  • Sea Turtles
  • Lemurs
  • Rhinos

Significance – The main goal of World Wildlife Conservation Day is to spread awareness about the protection and conservation of endangered animals including tigers, cheetah, rhinos, and elephants. This international day provides an opportunity for everybody to learn more about the importance and conservation of wildlife and forests worldwide. At present, some greedy people kill wild animals for gain profit that several species become endangered or extinct.

On this day, some conservation groups, wildlife organizations, and zoos arrange several events which concentrate on eliminating illegal poaching and smuggling of animals that helps in saving the endangered animals. They also host several educational debates or seminars about how to conserve wildlife across the world. The Government of countries should take steps to save wildlife and forests, which is also beneficial for the environment across the world.


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