World Soil Day 2021

Introduction – World Soil Day is celebrated every year on December 2 worldwide to draw attention among people about the importance of soil and its sustainable management. The main purpose of this day is to spread awareness about the degradation of soil.

World Soil Day, 5 December | Food and Agriculture Organization of the  United Nations

Soil degradation is a serious environmental problem that is caused by the decline in soil conditions. Poor or industrialization management of agricultural land worsens the condition of the soil. This global day highlights the importance of soil for all terrestrial life among people.  Degradation of soil causes erosion that decline in soil fertility, and loss of organic matter.

History – The United Nations has adopted World Soil Day in June 2013 that was requested by the FAO Conference at the 68th United Nations General Assembly. Firstly, World Soil Day is observed on December 5, 2014. The International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) recommended celebrating World Soil Day to raise awareness among people about the degrading of the soil with impacts and prevention. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) had supported World Soil Day is celebrated as a worldwide spreading awareness that is under the management of the Thailand Kingdom.

World Soil Day 2021 | 5 दिसबंर को फिर मनाया जाएगा 'विश्व मृदा दिवस', जानें  आखिर क्यों मनाया जाता है ये दिन और क्या है इसका इतिहास | Navabharat (नवभारत)

Theme – The theme of this global day in the year 2021 is ‘’Halt soil salinization boost soil productivity’’ with a purpose to spread awareness about the importance of soil to maintain healthy ecosystems and human well-being.

Significance – The processes of soil degradation are generally caused by soil salinization and sodification. Soil degradation is a threat to the ecosystem that is recognized as one of the most important problems at a worldwide level for food security, sustainability, and agricultural production. The main purpose of this global day is to spread awareness about the need for healthy ecosystems.


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