World Computer Literacy Day 2021

Introduction – World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated every year on December 2 all over the world to spread awareness about the significant role of computers in our lives and increase the use of digital literacy in all communities all around the world. At present, computer literacy plays an important role in multinational companies, schools, colleges, government offices, banks, and many more.

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Digital literacy or computer literacy is the knowledge that expertise one needs and perform several tasks, simple or complex on computers. The main aim of this international day is to promote the development of technological skills and particularly among women and children in India. Computer skill is very important that help in understanding computer programs and how computer function is called as computer literacy.

History – Indian computer company NIIT has introduced World Computer Literacy Day to mark the 20th anniversary in the year 2001. This international day was observed all over the world. This international day aims to improve the teaching of information technology and celebration of computers. Andrew Molnar was a director of the Office of Computing Activities at the National Science Foundation in the United States has introduced the word computer literacy in the year 1978. After that, computer literacy was discussed in many academic blogs. The Journal of Higher Education proclaimed that being literate in computer knowledge involves mastering spreadsheet programs, word processing and, retrieving or sharing information about the computer worldwide.

Theme – The theme of World Computer Literacy Day in the year 2021 is ‘’Literacy for human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide’’ that tell us about the importance of computer literacy in the digital world.

Significance – Computer literacy is defined as the ability and knowledge to use computers that related technology efficiently with great skill levels ranging from basic concept to computer programming with advanced problem-solving. It also refers to high-level computer programs and applications.

world computer literacy day 2021 impotance theme and digital technology  computer sakshrta diwas sry | World Computer Literacy Day: आज मनाया जा रहा  है कंप्यूटर साक्षरता दिवस, इसलिए की गई इसकी शुरुआत

The most important thing of computer literacy is to understand how a computer works and operates. Computer literacy can different from computer programming that mainly concentrates on the coding and design of computer programs rather than the familiarity and skill in their use. There are several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have created the initiatives for improving national computer literacy rates.


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