National Red Mitten Day 2021

Introduction – National Red Mitten Day is celebrated every year on November 21 that represented by Canadian Olympic-Pride. This national day promotes citizens of Canada to wear their Red Mitten for supporting Canadian athletes. The word Red Mittens represent the generosity, excellence, and pride of every person from Canada.

History – Hudson Bay has introduced National Red Mitten Day to promote people from Canada for showing their support to Canadian athletes by sharing their national pride through the tradition of wearing the Red Mitten. The main goal of this day is to sell 25,000 Red Mitten for supporting Canadian athletes to pursue their dream.

How to celebrate – If you want to support Canadian athletes in the Olympics Games the buy online red mittens and wear them. You can also celebrate this national day by sharing posts about this day on several social media websites.

On this day, you can also paste your photo with wearing a red mitten to support Canadian athletes and sharing on social media websites.


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