Infant Protection Day 2021

Introduction – Infant Protection Day is observed on November 7 every year is to spread awareness about the safety of newborn babies and to protect their lives by giving suitable care for infants. As per World Health Organization data, there is about 2.4 million babies died in their first month of birth in the year 2019. Around 7,000 children die that account for 47 percent of the child mortality under the age of 5 years. There is 1/3rd of infant deaths that occur during delivery and approx. three quarters occur in the first week of birth.

Infant Protection Day : Know all about the Aim, Theme and Significance |  Daily Roabox

Infant death in India – Due to lack of health care, infant mortality in India is greater as compared with other several countries. As per the Child Mortality Report by the United Nations, there were about 721,000 infants are died that are reported in our country in the year 2018 that equates to an average of 1,975 deaths daily. The Government announced an effective approach to prevent infant death by observing this day. Due to lack of necessary health care, and lack of knowledge, infant mortality is increased in India.

Theme – The theme of Infant Protection Day in the year 2021 is ‘’Protecting, promoting, and developing infants’’.

Purpose of the day – The main goal of this day is to make people aware about the necessity of protection and to undertake the care of new babies. But infants face several challenges, which endanger their lives due to insufficient care and safety after delivery.


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