World Rivers Day 2021

Introduction – In the year 2021, World Rivers Day is celebrated on September 26. This day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September every year to spread awareness of the importance of rivers in our life. On this day, more than 60 countries celebrate World Rivers Day to highlight the importance of rivers and enhance public awareness and promotes the improved stewardship of all rivers all around the world.

Water plays a significant role in the existence of life on Earth. Water is used in cooking, washing hands, bathing, and may be used in preventing diseases. So, we can spread awareness among common people to save water as well as rivers for the existence of life.

History – Firstly, World Rivers Day was observed in the year 2005, and since it gains popularity with several events being organized all over the world. The United Nations also introduced its Water for Life Decade in the year 2005 to raise awareness about the better care of the world’s water among people.

Theme – The theme of World Rivers Day in the year 2021 is ‘’Day of Action for Rivers’’ which celebrates the cleanliness and conservation of rivers all over the world.

Significance – The main purpose of this day is to highlight the importance of rivers and motivate people to preserve the important and beautiful rivers in their countries. This day promotes the active involvement of common people to clean and preserve the rivers for future use. Now the pollution increases day by day in rivers that is harmful for the health of people. Some of the rivers are extinct that is not good for our society. This day aims to spread awareness among common people to save water and river of their countries.


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