What is Internet? What are the reasons of popularity of the Internet?


It is the largest network in the world. It is a huge source of updated information of vivid kinds, which can be shared by people globally. Internet came into existence in 1969 in the form of Arpanet when the United States Defence Department Agency built a network for their research work and termed it as Arpanet.

Lifeboat Foundation InternetShield

With the improvement in technology of computers connectivity, the Arpanet was closed in 1990 and thereafter Internet became more popular. The computers connected to the Internet, work on client-server application. The client-server concept supports the exchange of large volumes of data, through different hardware and software at high speed. The Internet provides many services to the users in the form of E-mail, Telnet, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), WWW (World Wide Web) etc.

Reasons of Popularity of Internet:

Internet is the fastest and cost effective means of communication today. For access to information, it is the largest network in the world.


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