Multimedia is composed or combination of ‘multi’ and ‘media’. ‘Multi’ means many and ‘media’ implies to the mode of communication. In other words, multimedia is a combination of several varieties of contents such as audio, video, animations, text, and images. It is the presentation of information by using graphics, video, sound, text and animation.  At present, the presentation can be done by using the voice, images, data and video on a computer so it is called a multimedia which means multi +media

Advantages Of Multimedia Courses, Importance, Uses, Benefits

The functions of multimedia are mostly performed by the software packages. Each package is meant for different purposes. The merged output is used to present a game, musical drama, business details, databases of stored video and many more. The technologies of multimedia can be used in different fields.

Applications of multimedia – The main applications of multimedia are given below

  1. It can be used for the promotion of business and new products.
  2. By using multimedia, CD is used in studying in place of books. The gain of knowledge can be easily by using multimedia CD as it contains images, film, text and sound that helps for students to understands the topics easily than the books.
  3. The technology using multimedia is generally used in advertisements for promoting the products including schools, coaching, shop, website and many more.
  4. Listening to music while working on a computer.
  5. Multimedia is also used in photography and video.
  6. It is also used in conferencing, group meetings, lecture, session or a class is broadcast for communications with employers, students to other locations or anywhere on the network.

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