SWR Pipes

Introduction – It stands for ‘Soil, Waste & Rain’ and it’s same as a PVC or uPVC (rigid PVC) piping system designed for drainage system.  These pipes are used in soil and waste discharge system in which discharges waste inside the buildings such as ventilation and rain water system. The design of SWR pipes is that it have one end socket/sealing ring and the another end plain which fit comfortably with no couplers. The size of the pipes is manufactured in the range of 40 mm to 160 mm diameters. The length of the pipes is normally length of 2, 3, 4 and 6 meters and available in grey color.

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Features of SWR pipes – There are several benefits of pipes which are discussed below

Low weight – These pipes are less in weight so its installation is fast and easy. During installation workers may less injured due to less weight. The transportation charges of these pipes are very low due to its less weight.

Safe material – SWR pipe is a non-toxic and safe material so the life of the pipes is in long period.

Less joints – These pipes are available in the length of 6m so it decreases the number of joints in pipes. Due to fewer joints, installation of pipes is fast and more efficient, less hydraulic friction, and fewer opportunities for leakage.

Fire proof – These pipes is very difficult to catch fire and not accidental burning in the absence of an external ignition source. The spontaneous ignition temperature of this pipe is 450°C.

Coefficient of Friction – The main benefit of the pipe is to provide smoother wall surfaces which decrease the fluid friction and resistance to flow.

Benefits of SWR pipes – There are some benefits of SWR pipes are as given below

  1. These pipes are fast and convenient in installation due to its lightweight pipes and fittings
  2. The maintenance of the pipes is free of cost.
  3. These pipes are corrosion and rust proof.
  4. It is UV stabilized for increase the lifetime of the pipes.
  5. SWR pipes are compounded to resist rust during outside installation.
  6. It is sufficient and easy in access for cleaning and clearing obstructions.
  7. The design of the pipe by using latest twin screw technology and fitting by latest injection molding technology.
  8. It is available in attractive steel Grey color.
  9. SWR pipes & fittings are in strict compliance with high standards.
  10. These pipes are available in Ring fit jointing & solvent fit jointing systems.
  11. SWR pipes are chemical resistant to household chemicals.

Disadvantages of SWR pipes – Several disadvantages of SWR pipe are as given below

  1. These pipes are easily cracked.
  2. The strength of pipes decreases in high temperature.
  3. They are not installed in high temperature due to their non-decomposing feature

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