What is the importance of family planning?

Family planning – Family planning is used in the birth control of the children and allows to one or two children for each couple and to attain large spacing and timing of their births.

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Reason for introducing family planning – Increasing population is one of the main problems and creates several problems in India. Unemployment, price rise, illiteracy, poverty are the main problems which is creating due to the increasing population. It also effects the development of our country. . There were increases crowded in cities, railway stations, bus stands, markets, schools and colleges, religious programs causes a several stampede per year. Due to stampede more of the people were killed in many areas such as religious programs, railway station and bus stand were incident caused by an over population. Due to increase day by day population in India and causes many problems lack of jobs, schools, electricity, food, colleges the basic facilities were in shortage generates high price rise in school fees, electricity, rice, pulse, vegetables, fruits.

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To tackle this problem, the Government formed a family planning commission to control the increasing population in our country.

The aim of the family planning is to educate the people about the increasing population in our country. It also instructs the couples that they should bear only one or two children and large time period between two children in which healthy children are born and ignore the child marriage. The child marriages are one of the main causes of increasing population.

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The health workers of family planning has more concentrate in the village areas where the illiteracy is high and the people of the villages did know about the ill effects of increasing population.

Advantages of family planning – There are some benefits of family planning in our country are given below

  1. The family planning improves the child health and survival due to the healthy spacing of pregnancies
  2. Family planning reduces the risk of accidental pregnancies between women who living with HIV, causing in fewer infected babies and orphans. Moreover, male and female use condoms foraccidental pregnancies as well as STIs including HIV.
  3. Family planning signifies a chance for women to improved education and contribution in public life, including paid employment in non-family organizations. Moreover, the small families allow parents to invest more in each child for study, business and marriage.
  4. Finally the family planning is to achieves light success in controlling the population of our country.

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