Information Technology (IT)

Before we discuss information technology firstly understand what information is

Information – The word information is coming from Latin word ‘informare’ which means to build. It is a collection of data, which through processing has useful meaning for the purpose of decision making.

Information Technology – Information technology (IT) is a methodology of systems in which information of any kind be taken from or given to another party and located anywhere in the world. By using Information Technology, they are used in transmit, store, retrieve and manipulate data or information for their own business or company with the help of computers. IT is also treated as a separate branch of information and communications technology (ICT). This technology also predicts and reciprocation of information and immediate communication. It can give information about the latest scientific researches, meteorological data or major incidents in all over the world. The information may be in the form of texts, images, videos, sounds or other types of data.

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The enhancement of information technology is mainly attributed to the development of World Wide Web. The web has become popular as it is easy to use. It is also very easy to create one’s own web information, with the people in all over the world. The information is stored in pages within the web. Each page can hold information and links to other pages. This is the reason that information technology is become popular in all over the world.

Importance of Information Technology – The presence of Information Technology can also be used in the following fields such as education (online universities), industries, corporate, business, banking sectors, insurance and many more sectors. The Internet had made it possible to communicate with each other by using e-mail, conferencing and chat. There are several information activities are conventionally carried out in any business

  • Advertising of products.
  • Issuing bills, making invoices, receiving and making payments.
  • Selling the products and providing service after sale.
  • Transactions with dealers, distributors, customers, banks etc.
  • Procurement of raw materials and other items makes inventory for several types’ of materials.

The above operations are being performed at different locations. The computer network through Internet has made it possible to communicate with each other and exchange information related to specific dealings.

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