Coolpad will launch the Coolpad Max at New Delhi on May 20

Coolpad, a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, will launch the Coolpad Max at an event in New Delhi on May 20.
The company spokesperson said that the new smartphone will be introduced in the Indian market in the last week of May.
The company did not give any information about the price of the new smartphone. The price of the smartphone is likely to be between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000.
The Dual Space feature is the special feature of the smartphone through which users will be able to make two accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, BBM, and other social media applications.
The company said that the main objective of the smartphone is to allow users to make two new accounts on the phone, one for personal and second for professional to keep their personal and professional lives separate.
Coolpad has updated encryption technology on the smartphone to secure both personal and professional accounts on different websites such as data, contacts, photos, videos, and applications saved in the smartphone.

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