Who are Gothic Teens

What is Goth

Goth is a music-based subculture, which start in the United Kingdom and was developed by Gothic rock, an offshoot of the post-punk music type is also called as goth rock. Goth preferred this music that contains several styles including dark wave, ethereal wave, death rock, and many more. It is important to note that post-punk artists or musicians presaged the gothic rock type that help and develop the subculture including Joy Division, Bauhaus, the Cure, and the Siouxsie and the Banshees.

What is the Gothic Lifestyle?

Generally, the word ‘gothic’ refers to a lifestyle and attitude among young individuals. However, it establishes in a particular type of music and fashion, which displays a dark attitude and outlook on life. It does not mean that it is a bad or wrong lifestyle. This type of lifestyle depends on the individual and their way of expressing themselves in a different way.

Presently gothic is one of the most popular fashions and trends for several past years across the world. Normally, the gothic attitude is one of depression and sadness. However, it is not always for sadness. Goth teens will listen to the music of Marilyn Manson, An American rock musician.

 Black is the main color of gothic clothing and is also a common makeup color with nail polish to lipstick. Romantic gothic fashions such as veils, lacy gowns, fishnet stockings, and many more that is based on clothing from the Victorian and Elizabethan eras. Silver is the best or preferred color for jewelry and many other adornments. As per the new research published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, young individuals who categorize with the goth subculture that can enhanced risk of self-harm and depression. Several goth teens dye their hair black in color whereas others choose more vibrant colors such as purple or red that create a shocking contrast with their dark clothes.

Several individuals think that each gothic teen is obsessed with the idea of dying and death. They also thought that gothic teens worship vampires. Many gothic teens think of themselves to be Christians or they follow several other old religious beliefs. In the case of music, punk rock is one of the most popular types among gothic teens however several times their musical interests are broader as compared with ranging from Frank Sinatra to Rob Zombie. It is not mean that youngsters being gothic teen is obsessed with Satan and death. The gothic attitude may be concentrated on the darker side of life. In several cases, a gothic teen is trying to be suitable with other gothic teens who have the same outlooks and beliefs on life. Normally, gothic groups are teens which have disliked by many other groups in schools. Generally, Gothic teens are unaccepted by other individuals as they are more interested to think about the intricacies of life. They are also usually poets of the school and are interested to express and explore themselves creatively.

Gothic Clothes and Appearance

Gothic fashion is one of the clothing styles which is marked by mysterious, homogenous, dark, and many more. This type of clothing is worn by gothic teens or members of the goth subculture. Black color is the most common option and also outfits are also made up of layers of this dark color. Gothic teens can wear black pants with a black jacket and a black shirt is common clothing. The block dress may be indicated a mood of depression and in several cases, a captivation with death. Gothic teens are reminiscent of vampires and several other entities which are not accepted by normal society.

 The dress of gothic fashion such as dark lipstick, dyed black hair, dark clothing, exotic hairstyles, and many more. Both boys and girls goth teens may wear dark nail polish, dark eyeliner, and dark lipstick to convey the gothic attitude. Thus, dark or black lipstick is a common addition to the face to follow the gothic fashion. Male goth individuals use too much cosmetics as compared with other male normal people. Goth styles may be derived from the punk function such as chokers and wristbands. They can also influence by Elizabethan and Victorians fashion. Sometimes gothic fashion may appear with emo fashion and heavy metal fashion.

Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic teens loved blue-black hair dye but they also use hair dye mainly purple and red. They wear clothes and makeup in black color which follows a gothic attitude. But there are also many hairstyles, which are commonly present among gothic teens. Generally, there are also two main types of gothic hairstyles that include short and long to follow the gothic attitude. Several times, hairstyles are gender-reversed such as gothic boys wearing long hair and gothic girls wearing short hair. Several gothic teens will smooth-cut their hair and shave their heads very short to suit the gothic look which they are trying to represent. Gothic hairstyles are different from simple cuts with outrageously-dyed as compared with common people. There are several other gothic hair styles are Vampire Styles, Dark Red Updo, Neon Pink with Black Hat, Black Braided Ponytail, Center Parted with Thick Curls, Gothic Messy Color Mix, Romantic Gothic Hairstyle, Dark Gothic hairstyles, Cornrow Mohawk, and many more.

Gothic Accessories

You can find out gothic accessories everywhere due to an increase in the popularity of gothic fashions and styles. Many websites are dedicated to provide a full line of accessories that you can find in gothic dresses in many department stores. There is another popular accessory, especially for gothic girls is a fishnet. Gothic girls may wear several things that are made up of fishnet including gloves, tops, and stockings. Black is the most common but blood red and dark purple are also common colors for gothic accessories and fashion outfits. Shoes and Boots are also the most important accessory for matching gothic clothing. You can find gothic clothes in several ways of gothic-friendly colors.

Gothic Rock

It is also known as goth rock or just goth that style of music, which emerged from post-punk in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s. The first post-punk bands that moved to dark music including Joy Division, Bauhaus and the Cure, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Gothic rock contains dark sound by using bass chords or primarily, dark arrangements or dramatic that have inspirations found in gothic literature associated with many themes such as dark romanticism, sadness, and many more.

Conclusions – Gothic teens are not dangerous and they follow only gothic clothing and lifestyle thus parents should understand their gothic teens. If you are interested in gothic fashion, lifestyle, and clothing then you can find this type of clothing in most of the shops due to an increase in the popularity of gothic lifestyles.


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