International Beer and Pizza Day 2022

International Beer and Pizza Day is celebrated every year on October 9 across the world that celebrates the food combination of beer and Pizza. Beer is made at small craft breweries and is drunk at bars in a get-together on any occasion. Pizza is made at small family pizzerias that can be purchased frozen in grocery stores. Both pizza and beer are enjoyed at big parties and also an as a simple meal at home. The combination of beer and pizza is a comparatively new concept due to their flavors increasing and contrasting with each other.

There are several types of pizza and beer that are available in bars and shops with great taste. You can celebrate this international day by arranging a party with beer and pizza at your home and restaurant. You can also order pizza and beer from any restaurant for simply change or on a holiday. Beer and Pizza are one of the world’s most favorite food and drink combinations among youngsters.

Pizza – Pizza is served with cheese, and tomato sauce on any occasion or taken as a simple meal for lunch or dinner. It is Italian food, which was created in Italy and is made with several toppings. There are some most common toppings are sausages, vegetables, spices, herbs, cheese, pepperoni, and tomatoes. These toppings are added over a piece of bread that is covered with sauce. The sauce is most often tomato-based but butter-based sauces are used too. Pizza comes from Italy from Neapolitan cuisine that has popular in several parts of the world. There are different types of pizza are available such as New York Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, Pizza Margherita, Chicago Pizza, and Neapolitan Pizza.

Beer – It is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks across the world. Beer is also the third most popular drink after tea and water. It is made by brewing and fermentation of starches mostly derived from cereal grains and most commonly from malted barley through maize, oats, rice, and wheat. Beer is served in cans and bottles and is commonly available in bars and pubs. You can also celebrate this international day by taking beer in bars and pubs with your close friends.


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