Bindyarani Devi won the silver medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022

It’s a great news for our country that Bindyarani Devi won the fourth medal for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham. He won the silver medal with a total lift of 202 kg (86+116) in the women’s 55kg category.

In the first attempt, Bindyarani lifted 81 kg in the women’s 55 kg category. She lifted 84 kg in the second attempt without breaking a sweat. She lifted 86 kg in the final or third attempt. Bindyarani lifted 110kg in the first attempt in the clean and jerk lift. She failed to lift 114 kg in the second attempt. In the third or final attempt, she lifted 116 kg and won the silver medal for India.

Earlier, Bindyarani won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships 2019. She also won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships 2021. Bindyarani also won the gold medal in clean and jerk in the World Weightlifting Championships 2021.


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