World Snake Day 2022

Introduction – World Snake Day is celebrated every year on July 16 to spread awareness about the importance of snake conservation. The main aim of this international day is to provide information about the importance of snakes in our ecosystem and tribute to the several diverse snake species across the world.

History – The term ‘snake’ comes from ‘snaca’ an old English word. The snake may come from terrestrial lizards which existed about 174.1 million to 163.5 million years ago. Eohpis underwoodi was the oldest fossil snake and a small snake that lived in southern England about 167 million years ago.

Significance – The main purpose of this international day is to spread awareness about the 3500 species which exist all around the world. This global day provides an opportunity for celebrating snakes and spreading awareness about the preservation of snakes across the world. On this day, there are several ways to celebrate this global day by knowing about different types of snakes and how to conserve snakes. The population of snakes has reduced by about 60 percent in the last 30 years across the world.

Types of snakes – There are several types of snakes all around the world are given below –

  1. Pythons – These are one of the most common types of snakes across the world with a long body and a flexible neck that makes them capable to move easily. Pythons are the longest snakes across the world and are genetically distant compared with other types of snakes.
  2. Viper – It is one of the snakes that has a potent venom and can kill an individual quickly.
  3. Rattlesnakes – These are one of the deadliest snakes in the world with rattle-like scales on their tail that they use to warm other animals of their presence.
  4. Boas – These are one of the most types of snakes in the world with a long tongue and smooth body that they use to catch prey.
  5. King cobra – These are one of the most venomous snakes that can deliver a huge amount of neurotoxins which induces paralysis by biting. The size of the king cobra is 3 to 4 meters with brown in color.
  6. Green Anaconda – It is also called as a common anaconda, common water boa, or giant anaconda which is a boa species and is found in South America. Green Anaconda is one of the longest and heaviest snakes in the world.

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