International Picnic Day 2022

Introduction – International Picnic Day is celebrated annually on June 18 across the world which allows you to connect with green or beautiful nature and enjoy with your family members and close friends. This day provides a great chance for having a relaxing holiday and also gives a sufficient time for reconnecting with your family members and close friends. The main purpose of this global day is to gather family members and friends and enjoy the natural beauty with snacks that helps in making a strong bond between them.

 Picnic is one of the popular social activities with your close friends or family members and enjoys beautiful nature across the world. Every individual either adult or children enjoys several delicious foods at the picnic. Children or youths especially enjoy the picnic in any green park with different types of sports such as football, cricket, and many more sports. When the holidays started then most of the family members go for a picnic with their family members and close friends.

History – The term ‘’picnic’’ comes from the French word ‘’pique – nique’’ which means a social or family event where every individual contributes a share of the food.’’. After the end of the French Revolution, it is believed that this type of familiar outdoor meal or social activity may become popular in France. On this day, several charitable events are also held by schools or other institutions for utilizing the occasion to host picnics for their pupils.

Significance – Most people go for a picnic with food such as tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruits, chips, cold drinks, and many more. During the picnic, family members or close friends spend the special time that improves the relationship between them. Several schools and colleges have also arranged a picnic for their students on any holiday. Many companies may also organize a picnic to enjoy and motivate their employers to do more hard work for their company. But due to Covid-19, it may affect the gathering of families or friends in any picnic spot creating difficulty to celebrate this international day all around the world.

Picnics are held to bring together family members and friends across the world. For this picnic, they used to bring soft drinks, juices, snacks, and many more to provide with their close relatives or friends. It is important to note that International Picnic Day will be celebrated on the first Monday of August every year in the northern territory of Australia. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest picnic occurred in Portugal.


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