World Glaucoma Week 2022

Introduction – World Glaucoma Week is a joint initiative between the World Glaucoma Patient Association and World Glaucoma Association that has had highly successful for the last 10 years. In the year 2022, World Glaucoma week starts from March 6 to March 12 to spread awareness about the causes of glaucoma as the leading cause of blindness across the world.

Glaucoma – It is a condition which damages the optic nerve of the eyes and may get worse if not treated. This eye disease is associated with increased pressure in the eye and may tend to run in families. Glaucoma occurs when increased pressure in the eye is known as intraocular pressure that may damage the optic nerve and send images to the brain. When this damage worsens then it may cause permanent vision loss or total blindness in several years.

Most people are suffered from glaucoma have no early pain or symptoms. You should visit your eye doctor regularly so that doctor can diagnose and treat glaucoma before it may be worse for you. It is important to note that if you lose vision then it cannot be brought back. However, reducing eye pressure may help in maintaining the eyesight.


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