Nobel Prize Day 2021

Introduction – Nobel Prize Day is celebrated every year on December 10 to honor the achievements of a Swedish engineer, author, entrepreneur, chemist, and philanthropist Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Alfred instituted the Nobel Prize that recognizes outstanding and excellent achievements in several fields such as sciences, literature, economics, and medicine.

History – Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833, and died on December 10, 1896. In San Remo. He has invented dynamite and many more explosives and was also famous for the annual prizes in literature, science, and peace awarded with this name.

The name of his father was Immanuel Nobel and the name of his mother was Andriette Ahlsell Nobel. The father of Alfred Bernhard Nobel was an engineer that built buildings, bridges, and tested in several ways of blasting rocks.

Alfred has several inventions including a practical detonator in 1863, a blasting cap that was an improved form of the detonator in 1865, dynamite in 1867, blasting gelatin is a powerful form of dynamite in 1875, and ballistite in 1887. Alfred was a bachelor and was never married in their life.


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