World Television Day 2021

Introduction – World Television Day is celebrated every year on November 21 across the world to mark the significance of the great invention of television.  The discovery of television is one of the major inventions in the media and communication industry worldwide. Now television plays an important role in our lives.

History – The United Nations has passed a resolution to celebrate World Television Day annually on November 21. Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old young boy, invented the television in the year 1927 so this international day is a dedication to his great invention. The United Nations also gave informal directions to all countries for celebrating the global day every year in several ways. The invention of television created history when the press started broadcasting educational programs where several students could benefit from its classes. The United Nation came forward and appreciated the importance of television with the myriad roles to bring countries together by exchanging cultural programs latest news, new updates, and peace talks.

Significance – At present, television is an important part of our life and gain popularity across the world. You can watch live cricket matches or other sports, popular TV serials or movies, national or international latest news across the world by using television. Youths, children, and elder people watch television worldwide.

The government also uses television to broadcast or spread awareness against disease or any pandemic, alert for any cyclones in any area, or any climate change, introduce any plan for common people, and many more. During national elections or local elections, people watch the result of elections at home by using television. You can also watch Olympics games, World Cup matches on television. If you are alone at home then spend time by watching popular serials, movies, sports, news, and many more on television. So television plays an important in our lives.


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