World White Cane Day 2021

Introduction – World White Cane Day is observed on October 15 annually to recognize the importance of white canes for blind or visually impaired people to safely travel and maintain their independence. The main goal of this day is to acknowledge the active participation of blind people in society and celebrate their achievements. This day is also called as White Cane Safety Day that dedicated to all blind people who are actively participating in the society.

World White Cane Day 2021: History, date and significance | PINKVILLA

The White cane is an important mobility tool, which symbolizes the independence of blind people. White cane was launched in the United States in the year 1930s so that visually impaired people have been using the canes for centuries. The white cane also helped normal people to identify blind people walking on the streets then should be more careful towards them.

History – Firstly, World White Cane Day was observed in the United States by President Lyndon B Johnson in the year 1964. The National Federation of the Blind started fighting for the basic rights of visually impaired or blind people and developing training programs for them .This international day was also named as Blind Americans Equality Day by former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2011.

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Significance – This day is celebrated to appreciate the achievements of people who achieved success with their physical limitations. A white cane is a device that can be used by several people who are visually impaired or blind. It allows users to scan their surroundings for obstacles marks and also for normal people to identify the user as visually impaired or blind and taking suitable care.


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