Aditi Ashok missed the medal and finished at 4th position in women’s golf event at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Aditi Ashok represented India and finished at the 4th position in the golf event with a surprising or remarkable performance in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.  The mother of Aditi was a caddie at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Tokyo Olympics: Golfer Aditi Ashok misses out on bronze medal narrowly  after stunning performance - Sports News

Unfortunately, Aditi missed the historic medal in the golf event but she played very well in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.  In the past, Aditi placed in the 41st position in the Rio Olympics 2016. There is no one imagined that Aditi would perform so well in golf in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Aditi wins heart with her great performance in this Olympic games.

Golfer Aditi Ashok's Journey From 41st Place In Rio To Remarkable 4th At Tokyo  Olympics | Olympics News

The performance of Aditi was better in the golf event in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as compared with Rio Olympics 2016.  We hope Aditi Ashok will be definitely with the gold medal in the future Olympics

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